3 Simple Steps to Tackle Your Goals and Life

Are you READY to change the way you're doing things in order to get different results?!⁣⁠

✎You are busy with big dreams.⁣⁠
✎You feel like there's never enough time in the day. ⁣⁠
✎You set yourself goals, yet never seem to follow-through.⁣⁠
✎You find yourself falling back into old habits.⁣⁠
✎You find yourself lacking accountability.⁣⁠
✎You find yourself eager for change, but don't know where to start.⁣⁠
Here's how ☟⁣⁠

If you are finally feeling like its time to change the way you spend your time in order to successfully tackle life, look no further.⁣⁠
✩ Here are 3 foundational steps to maximize your time:⁣⁠

Find the driving force behind WHY you want to accomplish your goals. Re-visit this anytime you feel like your drive is depleting.⁣⁠ Use the "My WHY and Intention Setting" section in your Project InsideOut Planner.

Decision fatigue is a real thing. The more choices we have the more time we spend on choosing which path to take. Reduce this distraction by making repetitive tasks a habit. Example: Meal ideas that match the day of the week, hello Taco Tuesday EVERY Tuesday.⁣⁠ Add these routines directly into your Project Insideout Planner's AM/PM routine check-list or use the custom tracking field to monitor your new habits.

You won't change if you don't reflect. Spend every Sunday as your "reset" day by choosing a new goal to work on and planning for the week ahead. We recommend creating a weekly and daily to-do list. Use this same method before bed to map out what you need to accomplish the following day. This works great to unload information off your brain before bed!
▸ Now write these down! Putting a pen to paper really solidifies your thoughts and feelings. Grab a piece of paper, a blank journal or your Project InsideOut planner! 

For long-term goal setting we recommend the Project InsideOut planner, for short-term detailed goals such as health and wellness goals or goals in which you're working with a health practitioner, we recommend the Project InsideOut Wellness Journal.