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  • RN // Holistic Nutrition Student // Curious // Creative // Passionate // Health & Wellness Advocate // Content Creator // Food Lover // Lifetime Learner


Why did you start (Project Inside) Out?

"From personal experience I know what it's like to forego self-care. After making some lifestyle changes and investing more in myself, I finally felt what it was like to live and feel my best. My dream is to share and empower others to do the same so they can transform their lives!" -Em



Why did you start (Project Inside)Out?

"I believe (Project Inside)Out is my soul's calling. I wanted to create a community of strong, empowering women; from your entrepreneur, to the student, to the moms, to the everyday hustlers." -Jax



  • bad ass spin instructor // artist // specializing in makeup + hair // lover of good books //   addicted to organization //  pizza enthusiast //  experimental baker

Why a Wellness Journal?

"I found along my own wellness journey that each strategy I came across was in a different place. At one point I had 5 journals and countless apps on the go... I co-created the (Project Inside)Out Journals in hopes to combine multiple tools and customizable features into one easy to use place. Think of our Journals as facilitators, YOU however, are in control." -Em
"I wanted to use my tools and experiences to co-create an all in one product that could help provide more self-care & self-love into our day to day busy lives! A moment to check out and make yourself your first priority!" -Jax


Whats in store for the future?

(Project Inside)Out
Women Empowerment
PIO Community
Brand Ambassadors
New Tools & Resources
Continued Self-Care Advocacy
Creating your Dream Life